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Intentionally Rest with the Waning Moon Phases

The moon creeps into the shadow, and now you are curious about the time between light and dark! As the moon's light diminishes, it invites us to look inward, letting go of what no longer serves us to prepare for new beginnings. While the waxing period heralds growth and expansion, the Waning Moon Period invites us to hermit and journey inward, releasing what no longer serves us and embracing the subtle power of renewal. 

Understanding the Waning Period

As the moon orbits the Earth, its position reflects less sunlight from its surface. As a result, the moon appears to slip into the darkness of the night. 


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Embracing the Shadow

Watching the moon transition from its distinct brightness is a lullaby or a playlist of white noise - even the rain sounds that are really a recording of frying food. The waning moons darken the night sky as it approaches the New Moon. As if the moon is pushing the light out, you, too, are being called to push out parts of your past that prevent you from elevating to the version of you living your manifestations.

Steps to Attune to each Waning Moon

The waning period offers a wealth of opportunities. By aligning your actions with the natural rhythm of the waning moon phases, you can tap into its potent energy to release what no longer serves you and make space for new growth. This period encompasses three moon phases, which can be viewed as steps to attune to this moon period:

Brown hands adorned with black nails and black jewelry surrounding a black orb showing the waning gibbous moon in the sky.

The Waning Gibbous

Reassess the Past

Imagine the sky illuminated by a moon just past its full brilliance, casting a gentle glow that encourages reflection. With just a wink of darkness, the Waning Gibbous Moon signals a time to look inward. The line between assessing and hyper-critique is fine, but just like the mostly illuminated moon, you must maintain a high energy of gratitude and grace as you analyze all that has happened since the last New Moon. 

  • Journal: Reflect on your recent experiences, noting what worked well and what could be improved. Use this time to gain clarity and insight.

  • Review: Look over any notes you have from the past few weeks, months, or years to understand your actions, habits, feelings, and goals. This analysis will help you know what did and didn't work and further prepare you for the next moon phase.

  • Seek Feedback: Engage in open conversations with trusted individuals to gain new perspectives, as they can help you better understand your actions and their impact. This information can inform your decisions in the future.

Brown hands adorned with black nails and black jewelry surrounding a black orb showing the third quarter moon in the sky.

The Third/Last Quarter

Release What Distracts You

The Third Quarter Moon encourages release as the moon reaches its halfway point between the Full Moon and the New Moon. The moon, dipped in darkness, pushes forward without allowing anything to deter its progress. Similarly, you will focus your reflections on the Waning Gibbous Moon to identify and release distractions that prevent you from attaining your desires.

  • Declutter: Clear your physical and mental space to make room for new opportunities.

  • Forgiveness: Practice self-forgiveness and forgive others to release lingering negativity.

  • Set New Boundaries and Habits: Evaluate and set healthy boundaries and habits that align with your current needs and aspirations. 

Brown hands adorned with black nails and black jewelry surrounding a black orb showing the waning crescent moon in the sky.

The Waning Crescent

Rest to Prepare for Tomorrow

In the final stages of the waning period, the Waning Crescent Moon graces the sky with its delicate crescent shape of light. The swell of darkness mimics that moment before the final light is turned at the night's end, informing your brain that the gears can finally slow down to rest and replenish.

  • Self-Care: Prioritize rest and self-care to recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Meditate: Practice mindfulness meditation to quiet the mind and cultivate peace, harmony, growth, and self-awareness. Allow any insights to arise naturally.

Harnessing Lunar Energies

After a night of celebrating under the Full Moon, it's time to prepare for the week ahead by curling up on the couch with your favorite dessert and low-stim content. This pace and volume are slightly unfamiliar but comforting nonetheless. From the reflective glow of the Waning Gibbous to the rebalancing energy of the Third Quarter, and finally, to the restful illumination of the Waning Crescent, each phase moves you to a deeper understanding of self.

Share Your Thoughts

How do you use the waning moons to rest with intention and grace from a whirlwind of making your biggest dreams come true? We'd love to hear about your experiences and insights! Leave a comment below, and let's support each other as we grow. There is boundless potential ahead, and sharing it can inspire and help others on their path.

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