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We are here to help you discover the beauty and intricacies of your strange crown.

Black and White Headshot of Dafina Bobo

I am a messenger, committed to offering insights and guidance for those navigating life's challenges and opportunities. I have deepened my understanding of the spiritual realm, guided by a philosophy rooted in ancestral respect and belief in the transformative power of connection. As your dedicated Tarot reader, I aim to provide personalized interpretations. I believe in the Tarot's ability to foster self-reflection and growth, guiding you toward clarity and confidence on your life's journey.



We understand that each of us wears a strange crown—a unique symbolic amalgamation of our ancestors' wisdom, our personal histories, and our aspirations for the future. Working with Strange Crown is like embarking on a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of the ages, where the dents of our present challenges are polished by the dreams of tomorrow. We provide a sanctuary where individuals, especially Black and Queer folk, can explore the depths of their souls, find solace in their truths, and emerge empowered to reign over their lives with authenticity and purpose. LEARN MORE

Black hand representing spirit. White hand representing the physical world. Both hands holding the threads of space.

Our values are intricately woven from the essence of the universe's five elements; fire, air, water, earth, and spirit. This holistic approach guides us consistently and allows us to help you obtain success.



We are a collective of magical jewels—our cherished customers and supporters—who enrich our community with their diverse perspectives, experiences, and insights. Together, we forge an opulent scepter, each facet accentuating our shared purpose's grand design; empower individuals to reign over their lives with authenticity and purpose, reclaiming their ancestral spiritual practices and celebrating the richness of their diverse identities. LEARN MORE


Each of us wears a strange crown—smelted with our ancestors' crowns, bejeweled with our past, dented by our present, and polished by our future and dreams.

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