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Spiritual Guidance Rooted In Empowerment 


Welcome to your new sanctuary for exploration and personal development so you can reclaim your humanity by reigning over your life with authenticity and purpose. 


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Hey Jewel,
I'm Dafina

Our purpose is in our humanity.

As a little girl, I knew that religion wasn't quite the right fit, but I knew atheism was far from perfect for me. Over the years, I sat in churches and mosques, even considered being agnostic, and even watched my college roommate convert to Judaism. All in all, I watched others find their footing in faith while eagerly searching for my own.


After years of searching, I finally heard my ancestors' declaration as a whisper directing me to a path perfectly and divinely aligned. My lifelong journey of enriching self-discovery has led me to create Strange Crown—a community of people finding their footing and, in turn, finding their humanity in a world that would rather snatch it away.

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