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Pisces' Portal: Utilizing the New Moon to Transform Shackles to Oars

The ethereal essence of the New Moon in Pisces, a celestial event brimming with spiritual depth and transformative power, is bubbling over as the sky goes dark on March 10th. Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchantment of the cosmos as we unveil its secrets and offer guidance for harnessing its divine energies.

Seek Celestial Truths

Before we delve into the energy of the New Moon in Pisces, let us first explore brief descriptions of the current lunar phase and relevant astrological insights. Within these celestial phenomena lie the keys to understanding the profound symbolism and transformative power of the cosmic forces at play.

  1. Moonlight Majesty: A lunar cycle is comprised of eight distinct phases, and is a mesmerizing journey through darkness and light. At the heart of this cycle lies the New Moon, a celestial phenomenon where the moon appears invisible against the backdrop of the night sky, symbolizing new beginnings and fresh opportunities, as detailed in our previous blog post about the New Moon.

  2. Astrological Adornments: Each of the twelve zodiac signs is a celestial beacon, illuminating our path through the cosmos. The last of the twelve is Pisces, the compassionate water sign symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Our previous blog post delved into the enchanting depths of Pisces, a sign ruled by Neptune, embodying intuition, empathy, and spiritual transcendence. 

Starry night background in hues of blue. Lunar phases in purple surround two fishes swimming in opposite direction, with the symbol of Neptune in between. The symbol of Pisces glows in the center of the New Moon sym

Surrendering to Serenity

Now that we have a shared tongue of celestial understanding, we can turn our gaze toward the expansive energy of the New Moon in the compassionate waters of Pisces. 

Here are a few key components to explore during this New Moon in Pisces:

1. Embrace Intuition: Pisces is inherently intuitive, urging us to trust our inner guidance and explore the realms beyond the physical. Use this time to connect with your intuition through meditation, journaling, or creative expression.

2. Release and Let Go: As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces symbolizes endings and transitions. Release any emotional baggage or outdated patterns that no longer serve your highest good to make space for new blessings to enter your life.

3. Set Clear Intentions: Harness the dreamy energy of Pisces to set intentions aligned with your true desires. Whether it's cultivating compassion, enhancing creativity, or deepening spiritual connections, plant the seeds of your aspirations during this fertile lunar phase.

Whispered Serenade


Let us open our hearts and minds to the channeled message that awaits us, a beacon of lunar wisdom destined to illuminate our path toward collective evolution. This will not read like a traditional tarot reading, as it’s not. This is a message crafted from a transcription of scribbles in a notebook as I pieced together the whispers of my divine spiritual team after asking them to allow me to be in service to the whole. My ancestors ferociously protect me and are devout in guiding me towards my highest good, so I hope you can find purpose in their words:

“The moon is our mother and when she is empty she needs you to go out and get some things from the store. Today it’s fish. You get lost in thought, and your heart is flooded with a series of realities and inquiries. You continue to snuff yourself out - maybe you believe what you have done thus far is unremarkable because you are shackled to weariness and undesirability or is it bitterness, shame, hopelessness, and a lack of imagination? Either way, it’s time to lay things to rest, for good. Mark a 15-mile radius around its gravesite and label this area the Bermuda Triangle for there is nothing but monsters who want to drown you in the ocean, but who also have a fetish for your last breath. 

As a result, you are whipped around between logic and insanity praying for the vicious cycle to end. You can’t even grasp onto gratitude for air itself. You have found comfort in the ocean. Despite knowing you can’t sustain life there, it has never let you down; unlike the air above that fills you with hope, joy, and even curiosity. Those moments don’t last long, they are always being interrupted and you are left gasping for air. Choking is your expansion into nothingness - no hope, no joy, not even curiosity. Nothing isn’t able to let you down. 

Before you can address the monster, you must figure out why you surround yourself with something so self-dehydrating. Until you know the line of temptation you swim on, you won’t discover that the monster’s grasp is only as tight as your grip. It’s time to beg the monster to slow down and let you think. Given that it is curious, the monster obliges. You know it’s time to take a break and look for the moon. Just as you begin to feel yourself peel through ripples of all sizes you shout, “Mother!” Again intrigued, it leaves you bouncing with the tide. You try not to let yourself implode though you struggle to feel comfort when you see the sky is empty and mother is nowhere in sight. 

You take another breath and begin to feel instead. Mother rocks you and wills a school of fish to place you in a nearby boat. With oars on each side, you have a chance to choose your destination and row yourself to a yacht or beach full of people. The yacht is close by and you can almost catch their gazes. The beach is farther, but you see smoke billowing and people scurrying with their hands full attempting to build a raft for two. Using one oar you will easily join a party celebrating your demise; with two you will easily ground yourself with those who will fight for your survival. 

If you open yourself to possibility, you will be able to glide to shore for you are wise and mature enough to get through this storm.

Joy, hope, and imagination will not be nourished in partnership with those who are building you ditches. It can be tempting to reach for those who disguise themselves with devilish smiles and a good time - it’ll never be for a long time. It’s time to slow down and make room for you to connect with your intuition - listen for longevity. The raft - though it may be small is coming to you as soon as they have everything ready for safe passage.

As you remain open to your intuition and logic becomes your partner in victory you will find that the monster shrinks significantly in size for its primary host has lost its grip. Mother Moon sent you out for fish because she wants you to gain confidence in your ability to discern who needs to be in your life and for you to release yourself from your self-imposed shackles.”

The New Moon in Pisces offers a sacred opportunity to assess and dismiss what is blocking us from our transformation. 

Wishing you a lunar-level love


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